Name of the Applicant / Organisation/Sahaya Samithi

Full Address of the Applicant / Organisation/Sahayasamithi
E-mail address of applicant

Phone number of applicant

Responsible contact person / Nominee
(Address with contact details and state the relation to the applicant)
Summary of Cause / Purpose of Application (Attach - a write up in Malayalam, any supporting docs; photographs, medical reports, identification /address proof). Use additional sheets as required
Attach supporting documents

Expected total financial cost of the treatment / fund for the cause
Financial status(Main income & other source of income of the family/ organisation)
Other Grants / Money received by the applicant for the same cause
Name, Account and Swift code: (Nationalised Bank if in India)
Relation to any of the BMCF Trustees
I/We hereby declare that the information given in this application is true and correct. I/We kindly request British Malayali Charity Foundation (BMCF) Trustees to consider this case for financial support. I/we abide by the policy, procedure, BMCF constitution and any decisions by the Trustees make on my case. I/We also hereby declare that I have no objection in publishing the news related to my application in 'British Malayali' news, BMCF website and any other social/visual/printed medias. I/We undertake to inform that I/We will be providing further information to trustees about the disbursement of the funds received including the progress of treatments/situation of the end user/dependants from time to time as and when requested by the office bearers/trustees in order to enable BMCF to publish in the above news/medias. If financially supported, I/We undertake the responsibility to inform BMCF the details of the money spent within 30 days of the transaction