Educational Assistance

We believe that THE PATHWAY TO SUCCESS IS EDUCATION . The young people and students learn best and achieve most when they have easy accessibility to better education without much financial hardships. Hence, we will be exploring the possibilities in the near future to support financially those who has the bright potential but find difficulty in coping-up with the exorbitant tuition fees etc.

Financial Assistance

We provide urgent and effective financial assistance to the most needy for medical interventions/surgeries after a detailed case study directly with the applicants and also through other reliable sources.

Medical Camps

We envisage to conduct/facilitate medical camps amongst our community in U.K to highlight the importance of organ donation/controlling the increase of medical conditions due to the lifestyle such as diabetic etc. For this purpose, we have had mass public appeals in the recent past in order to support the local charities and also help to support the people with financial element for transplantation such as kidney appeal etc.

Providing Basic Infrastructure

We are a part of wider movement in Britain for the social upliftment of people from the developing countries such as India and will be in a position to support the improvement of infrastructure such as hospitals and health centres in the years to come.


We understand rehabilitation plays a vital role in improving the overall situation of an  affected person and we will be setting-up facilities as we grow to monitor and provide further rehabilitation facilities to our beneficiaries in due the course also in co-ordination and assistance with the local charitable institutions in India.