BMCF Membership Policy

Clause 3 of the BMCF Constitution allows membership for people who are interested in furthering the objects of the British Malalayali Charity Foundation ( BMCF). By virtue of the close 3 of BMCF COnstitution, any person who has  participated in the fundraising programs of charity foundation in the financial year and has been donating a  minimum six months is deemed a constitutional member. The Annual General Body of Trustees, held at Leicester on
30th May2013 decided to give a formal shape to the membership system by giving more rights to the basic members.  This document details the extended membership system and requirements.


  • Involve maximum Malayalees (Keralites of South Indian origin) living in the UK to be part of a charity network that will work for the benefits of the public in UK and in Kerala, India.
  • Provide an opportunity for common people to help and support British Malayali Charity Foundation fundraising initiatives, its activities and be part of a regular campaign for better society and mankind.


  • Any Keralite legally living in the UK can be a member provided, has participated in the fundraising programs of charity foundation and has been donating a minimum of six months in a financial year.
  • A minimum contribution of 5 Euros per month of single payment of 60 Euros per year is required.
  • All eligible members must have filled Membership Application Form (BMCF-PRO-04)
  • No separate membership fee or membership renewal is required.

Benefits for Members

  • Financial support required during crisis situations of a member or his next of kin in the UK will be considered within the Crisis Fund provisions by the Trusees with priority
  • Members will be sent BMCF annual account statement and annual report
  • Members will be invited to participate in Annual General Body Meeting of the BMCF
  • Members will be supporting BMCF and initiating activities in their respective regions.
  • Members will be eligible to apply fo BMCF Trusteeship. For the first year, they will be in the Trustee advisory committee helping the Trustees. One year of successful contribution to trustees and BMCF, by value added charity services, he/she could be considered for Trusteeship.
  • A maximum of FIVE Trustees from the members will be elected at the annual general body.
  • The duration of the Trusteeeship will be one year. The maximum consecutive tenure of a Trustee from members will  be three years.
  • New Trustees elected from the members will have the same rights as the nominated trustees by British Malayali News portal.


Trustees have the power to terminate the membership of any individual, provided that the decisions of the Trustees is taken with two-third majority and as to there being good reason for it, and provided that the individual concerned shall have the right to be heard by the Trustees, before a final decision is made.

    BMCF Membership Application and Gift Aid Declaration

    Gift Aid Declaration*
    If you are a UK taxpayer, under the Government’s Gift Aid scheme, British Malayali Charity Foundation can claim the tax you have already paid on your gift. This means, BMCF will receive an extra 25p for every pound you donate at no extra cost to you. Please tick the box below if you would like BMCF to claim the tax on your gift.

    I am a UK taxpayer and I agree to British Malayali Charity Foundation claiming tax on all past, present and future donations I make to the charity until further notice. Please treat my donations as Gift Aid donations.

    Membership Declaration
    I, the undersigned wish to apply for membership of British Malayali Charity Foundation. I hereby agree to abide by the constitution of BMCF.