The principle in relation to expenses is that as a charity, British Malayali Charity Foundation (BMCF) is reliant on the support it receives from trustees and volunteers, who should neither be out of pocket nor enjoy any financial gain when undertaking charity related activities. BMCF expenses policy is discussed, decided and formulated through Trustee Meetings and can be amended by majority voting as the charity grows and nature of expense varies. All the Trustees have the responsibility to make sure that payment of expenses is properly authorised, controlled and represents ‘value for money’ and is accounted for. The Finance
Manager is responsible for maintaining a record of all pay-outs from the charity account with supporting documents.

The guidance below applies to all Trustees or volunteers who act in an official capacity or on behalf of BMCF. It explains how the expenses can be claimed : procedures, forms to be used, preparation, authorisation and disbursement.


The expenses should be related to the day to day running of the charity and implementation of projects and appeal. No undertakings other than explained below, that would commit BMCF to expenditure or other liability, shall be made by any Trustees without prior discussion and approval by the executive committee.

Currently Agreed Expenses are:

• Administrative Expenses: e.g. Buying Registers, Files, Paper, Clips, etc.
• Cost of Printing: e.g. Forms, Correspondences, Reports like Annual, Accounts, etc
• Postage and Courier
• Accountant/Auditor’s Fee
• Gift aid related expenses
• Expense related to Developing a Charity Website

Claiming Expenses

Claims by trustees or volunteers must be submitted to Charity Finance Manger (FM) on the claim form provided (BMCF-PRO-06). Original receipts/invoices must accompany all claims and must be attached to the form. Un-receipted expenses may be paid, provided a reasonable explanation is given in writing duly signed and dated by the claimant. Everyone should make their claims on a regular (monthly/quarterly) basis. Claim forms with supporting documents shall be posted directly to the FM, or given in hand as practical together with all original documentation. Claim forms are available both in electronic and paper form.

Authorisation & Payments

All the claims should be checked and signed by the FM and should be checked and countersigned by any one of other signatories of the charity. Payments only be made by
cheque or Bank Transfer as practicable. However, there may be occasions when a claim is subject to a minor delay, for example, in the temporary absence of an authorised signatory or delay due to postal delivery, if by cheque.

Download Claim Form