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The recently held Annual General Meeting at Southampton on 24th March 2018 elects new trustees and some new changes were adopted in the structure of the charity with additional committees such as advisory board & youth wing. The meeting began at 11.30 AM presided over by Chairman Tomichan Kozhuvanal and welcome speech by Vice Chairman Shaji Lukose. The working report for the financial year 2017-18 were presented by Secretary Cimy George,the accounts by Treasurer Sabu Chundakattil followed the vote of thanks by  Jt. Secretary George Edathuva. Chairman thanked the trust, members and all BM readers for their support throughout the term.  A total amount of £ 466500.00 were handed over by charity so farto around 240 people/projects/institutions directly and many more benefitted indirectly in India, U.K and across the world. An amount of £ 117,445.00 handed over in 2017-18 alone to over 125 people/projects and £ 128,802.00 were collected the same year.  .Many new proposals were introduced  in the organisational structure including advisory board and youth wing. Advisory board will be working alongside trust to provide advice and suggestions sought by the trust. However, the final decision will be taken by the trust. All ex trustees will be the permanent members of the advisory board and the removal can be done only with the 2/3 majority. Their  appointment will be confirmed only after getting their consent. Chairman and ex-Chairman will remain in the board to communicate between two group.  Also, there will be a youth wing consists of around 15 years aged from 16 to 25 and two of the members aged over 18 will be elected as trustees to the charity from this wing. A suggestion of seeking the possibilities of switching over from virginmoneygiving to totalgiving were also accepted by AGM and entrusted the new committee to explore the possibilities.  This is due to the big difference in the commission rate whereas virginmoney charges 3.5% and the totalgiving only 1.3%.

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The election to the new term was conducted and most of the current trustees including founder chairman Shajan Skariah stepped down paving the way for welcoming new faces. Apart from Shajan, Francis Antony, K.D Shajimon, K. R Shaijumon, Sam Thiruvathil & Siby Meprathu were also resigned from the trust and the curremt executive committee members continued.

Following members are elected in the new trust:

Shaji Lukose (Belfast)- Chairman

Jagdeesh Nair(Bath)-Vice Chairman

George Edathuva(Leicester)-Secretary

Prasanna Shine(Bath)-Jt. Secretary

Simon Jacob(Southampton)-Treasurer

Afzal Ali(Bromley)-Jt. Treasurer

Tomichan Kozhuvanal(Woking)-Exe.committee member

Cimy George(Croydon)-Exe. Committee member

Sabu Chundakattil(Manchester)-Trustee

Shinu Mathews(Bolton)-Trustee

Shaji Thomas(Eastborn)-Trustee

Roy Stephen(Swindon)- Trustee

Please visit www.britishmalayali.co.uk/news/charity for further details/news in malayalam.