Divya Sijo arrived in UK last year same like everyone dreaming a better life for her family and bagun her career as a staff nurse at Bath hospital. Divya hail from Kayamkulam in Kerala and her dreams were shattered in the form of life threatening disease of luekemia, which diagnosed within an year of her arrival. She has her husband and two young children and now they are struggling to cope up with the unexpected twist in their life and fell into the financial difficulty also due to the sudden illness of the main bread winner of the family. Husband is unable to go for work since he has to look after his hospitalised wife along with two small children. .Life can take unexpected turns in our lives. While most of us are in the festive mood, a lot of them among us are not. Constant worry about their health and the financial implications due to their ill health is ruining their lives. When Divya came to UK exactly an year ago, her dreams were to build a stable life here and support her parents and in laws back home. Everything turned upside down with diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. Only in work for les than an year, she is only qualified for full sick pay for couple of months. Divya and her family do not know how to maneuver around the difficult corner in their life at the moment. Being ill with two very small kids means her husband can not work to earn any living for the family. We fellow human beings can help them at their difficulty. Divya is very hopeful that she can get back to life after good treatments here. What more good we can do than helping a person who is in desperate need of our help. British Malayali Charity Foundation is thankful to its contributors the generosity they have shown towards our recent appeal. We are hopeful that your generosity will help Divya and family to get back to their lives. Let us be hopeful and keep them in our prayers during this special time of the year.

In the meantime, charity has concluded the ‘Bobbin Appeal’ with an approx. fund raised of 11,600 pounds. The exact figure will be released once the gift aid also received from HMRC. An interim relief of 5000 pounds transferred to the family upon their request to meet the repatriation expenses.

Please donate whatever way you can by clicking on this link and please do not forget to give consent to reclaim gift aid if you are eligible. Income from your Jobs are normally eligible to claim gift aid as it is taxed. Every £ 1.00 you donate will get enhanced to another £ 0.25 by reclaiming the gift aid from HMRC and all the fund of your donations including gift aid ( 125%) will directly go into the hand of beneficiaries after a very nominal fee of ( 1 to 2% ) fundraising platform.

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