A decision has been taken by trustees after an elaborate discussion to distribute funds on case to case basis depends upon the overall situation and nature of urgency of each cases.  There is a total collection of £ 28789.56 towards this appeal.  However, this time, the trustees has decided to debit the necessary commission and other charges ( @ 3.5% for each  £ 10000) towards the virgin money from the respective collection money itself rather than debiting from the general fund.  The charges so far were given from the general fund for these purposes thereby causing an acute  shortage in this fund readily available for immediate purposes.  As such, an amount of £ 28000.00 out of the collected amount will be given and the  cases  are divided into 4 groups as the table shown below and 3 children named Tania Binoy, Atul Ramanan & Jeevan Deeak  is falling under group ‘A’ and an equal amount of  £3000.00 each will be given .The beneficiaries such as Teena Johnson, P.K Ajimon, Ramachandran, Mariyamma Sunny, Bindhu Babay & Raveendran C.P will be receiving an amount equal to £ 2100.00 each and has been grouped under ‘B’. A single recipient in group ‘C’, Omana Jose is entitled to get £ 1150.00 All other people including Enoch Manu, T.L Thomas, Jessy Babu, Jalaja Ravi & Naiby Thomas is to get an amount of £ 1050.00 each under group ‘D’

The fund distribution ceremony will officially be held during this month  and the necessary arrangement will be done shortly to hand over the relative cheque/funds to the respective beneficiaries.  Further details will be published  in due course.