Untitled-1As the coronavirus crisis has started hitting the community hard with obstructing the normal life, the charity foundation has, as always come out with its helping hand to support the fraternity. It has decided to set up a helpline so that if anyone in the community affected by this outbreak could contact the foundation.

The helpline will be providing all possible advices to the community members with its limited framework and also as per the  guidelines and instructions being given by the UK government from time to time. This arrangement was necessitated since the members of the foundation already started receiving calls enquiring about possible support in the form of food and other supplies.

As the situation deepens with many more people are getting infected and the death toll increases, the trustees and advisory committee members plunged into the action by setting up helpline numbers. The experienced team members will be handling the calls by advising the appropriate actions to be taken according to the government’s directives and instructions such as ‘social distancing’ and ‘stay at home’ measures.

Untitled-2It is understood that many community members have got stranded in different regions and also facing difficulties due to the closure of businesses and losses of job. Moreover, the Indian consulate general in UK has come out with a request to the voluntary organisations to support the stranded Indian nationals in UK. Please ensure to contact NHS helpline of 111 in case of any medical advice and emergency…

Following are the helpline numbers of British Malayali Charity Foundation:


Please visit www.britishmalayali.co.uk for the above news in Malayalam..