Shri. Ramesh Chennithala, Hon. Minister of Home affairs for the state of Kerala was   praising at length  the ‘British Malayali’ and its sister concern ‘Marunadan Malayali’ for its tiredless endeavor in reaching- out the underprevileged sections of people, who live in  great difficulty due to ill health and poor financial backgrounds. The minister said the same during  a  giving-away ceremoney of funds raised through our ‘ Onam appeal’ at Kollam Gandhi Bhavan during the second week of October 2014.   Our ‘Onam appeal’ was particularly attracted the attention of U.K malayalees  because of the peculiar nature of  4 cases and the same was whole-heartedly supported by the public.  The condition of Sivanand, a 3 year old tribal boy from Udayagiri, Alakkodu in Kannur district of Kerala, who suffer from ‘cerebral pulsy’ were discussed with great sympathy and compassion amongst  the readers of ‘British Malayali’ when it published through ‘Onam appeal.  The story of kindness and selfless dedication of Smt. Mini teacher, who set an example to others by deciding to donate one of her kidneys to  27 year old Remya from Kottarakkara was also widely accepted and impressed to the general public. Also, our offer of assistance in the form of Rs. 3 lakhs were a great relief to the family of two small children i.e. 7 year old Alan  & 1 1/2 years old Alona  from Muttom in Idukki district in fighting with their rare condition.   Shri. V.K Narayanan from Vellappara in Patharamathitta dist. were also one our recipients of above appeal   and his pathetic and poor conditions both by disease and finance  were greatly met with our support.The appeal was boosted by the donation of Rs. 3 lakhs by an esteemed businessperson  & philanthropist based in London, which enabled us to provide an equal amount of Rs. 3 lakhs to each affected persons/families.   The appeal raised a total amount of £ 9290.00 from ‘British malayali’ readers and a total amount of Rs. 12 lakhs were given to all four families. The function at Kollam were attended by famous & renowned journalists such as  Shri. TVR Shenoy, BRP Bhaskar, ‘Mathrubhumi’ bureau chief Shri. Unni Balakrishan, Kollam press club officials and other local leaders.  Our trustee and ‘British Malayali’ & ‘Marunadan Malayali’ M.D Shri. Shajan Scaria were also present.