The skydiving charity event campaign has been boosted with the joint venture of fundraising in India as well through Awas, a registered charity set up to assist the downtrodden people to fight against the discrimination and injustice meted out to them in the process of delivering social justice and fairness in the society.

As many of the skydivers are closely associated with their home country in India, they hope to generate a good sum of fund through their dear and near ones from India. The office bearers of the foundation took up the matter with Awas as per the several requests made to the foundation by the participants and the proposal was wholeheartedly accepted by the Awas foundation.
As such, a specific reference number has been given to each skydivers in order to enable them to pass it onto their prospective donors so that each donation can be allocated to the respective skydivers. The individual fundraising figure will be calculated including the donations received in India as well. Same like British Malayali Charity Foundation, the relative bank statement of Awas will be published regularly in order to maintain the transparency and accountability of the whole process. However, separate cheques will be given to the beneficiaries for the amount raised through Awas as BMCF is a registered charity in England.
The details of bank a/c of Awas given as follows and donors are requested to mention the reference numbers of participants, which is given on the bottom of this new page:

A/c name: AWAS
A/c No. : 13740100078902
IFSC Code : FDRL0001374
Name of Bank : The Federal Bank Ltd.
Branch : Pattom, Thiruvananthaparam, Kerala, India

The UK donors also can be able to send the donations to BMCF bank a/c using the reference numbers as follows:

Name: British Malayali Charity Foundation
A/c No. 72314320
Sort Code:404708
Bank: HSBC Bank Plc.

However, UK donors are urged to send their donations through the virginmoneygiving fundraising platform in order to enable us the reclaim the 25% gift aid (if eligible).


The proceeds of the event fund will be given to the bright student nurses in Kerala, India who have been struggling otherwise to find out the financial resources to continue their nursing studies. A share of fund will be given to the Wiltshire and Swindon Childrens’ Deaf Society, a local charity situated in the vicinity of the skydiving event venue.

Many people have come forward to take part in the challenge from different walks of life such as parish priests, cine actors, celebrity chefs, singers, young students and professionals including doctors, managers and nurses to support the noble cause of helping others. The application process for the challenge has closed with a total number of 37 participants.

Please ensure to give consent to reclaim the gift aid if you are eligible to do so for the donations through the following fundraising platform link. This will allow to enhance your donation to £ 0.25 for every £ 1.00 you donate. Please give skydiving participant’s ref no. clearly if you donate through BMCF or Awas bank a/c directly so that this will allow us to allocate the receipt towards each participant’s total receipt. No need of reference if you donate through virginmoneygiving link.

The list of participants with their fundraising link/ ref nos has given as follows:

⦁ Annie Paliyathu -Ref: Sky02AP

⦁ Noel Philip-Sky03NP

⦁ Stency Roy- Ref: Sky04SR

⦁ Sruthi Nair- Ref:Sky14SN

⦁ Akshay Nair. Ref: Sky13AN

⦁ Bibin Abraham-Ref: Sky17BA

⦁ Reynold Varghese Ref: Sky15RC

⦁ Aneesh George-Ref: Sky20AG

⦁ Joel Manoj-Ref: Sky16JM

⦁ Cyril Gregorious- Ref: Sky08CS

⦁ Simon Jacob- Ref: Sky01SJ

⦁ Dileep Kalabhavan-Sky32KD

⦁ Renjusha Oommen-Ref: Sky22RO

⦁ Silvi George-Ref: Sky27SG

⦁ Kiran Shine-Ref: Sky19KS

⦁ Fr. George Puthoor-Ref: Sky21FG

⦁ Joji Thomas Joseph -Ref: Sky10JT

⦁ Jomon Kuriakose -Ref Sky33JK

⦁ Soosan Philip -Ref: Sky05SP

⦁ Alwyn Xavier- Ref: Sky06AX

⦁ Laiju Manuel- Ref: Sky07LM

⦁ Jobin Mathew-Ref: Sky09JM

⦁ Kiran Varkey- Ref: Sky11KV

⦁ Namshith Hashim- Ref: Sky12NH

⦁ Rhys Thomas-Ref: Sky31RT

⦁ Tino Aranjani- Ref: Sky18TA

⦁ Shalini Nandilath- Ref: Sky23SN

⦁ Biju Mathew Ref:Sky24BM

⦁ Shajo Jose-Ref: Sky25SJ

⦁ Jose Cheriyan – Ref: Sky26JC

⦁ Liyamol- Ref: Sky28LM

⦁ Albin Stephen- Ref: Sky29AS

⦁ Jeen Mekkara- Ref: Sky30JM

⦁ Jimmy Jacob-Ref: Sky34JJ

⦁ Jiji Varikkasseril-Ref: Sky35JV

⦁ George Meetto-Ref:Sky36GM

⦁ Dr. Rahul Rajeev- Ref: Sky37RR

Please click the below link if you wish to donate through ‘British Malayali’ link directly:

Please visit for further details/news in malayalam.