Untitled-2Charity handed over  its largest ever appeal amount to the Chief Minister of Kerala, raised with the active participation of U.K malayalees, groups, associations and through other fraternities. The appeal issued on 10th August 2018 well before the torrential rain hit badly the southern state of Kerala, India causing a widespread devastation by killing over 400 people, displacing hundreds of thousands and costing around £ 3 billion to the state exchequer. The cheque for £ 88,700.00 was given to Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan, the Chief Minister for govt. of Kerala at his office in Secretariat buildings at Thiruvananthapuram, capital of Kerala by chairman of British Malayali Charity Foundation Mr. ShajiLukose.  Charity’s founding chairman Mr. ShajanSkariah, advisory committee members Mr. Soni Chacko, Mr. Shajimon K.D, charity supporters Mr. Shivaji, Mr. Abdullah and Mr. Rajiv were present at the function. Out of the total amount of £ 91,260.51 was raised an amount of £ 2587.75 were deducted to virginmoneygiving’s 3.5% commission. An amount of £ 27.24 was used from BMCF general fund to make the round figure of £ 88,700.00. While an amount of £ 49992.87 ( w/o gift aid £41,501.09) was raised through British Malayali virginmoneygiving link by many associations such asdonation from Devon Malayali Assn, Canterbury Keralites Assn., Sunderland community, AruvithuraSangamam& Sunderland hospital etc.an amount of £ 2960.00 received directly in BMCF bank a/c, which makes the total amount to £ 52,952.87

However, following associations/groups set up their own virginmoneygiving supporting the appeal and raised an amount of £ 38,307.64

as follows: (in bracket shown the amount w/o gift aid)


01.USMA, Scotland


02.Friends Sporting Club, Manchester:


03.MASS, Sutton:


04.Sonsy Sam: 617.50(513.50)

05.Reading (Nadinoppam):

2445.00 ( 1960)

06.Dans Kerala Floods Aid, Leeds:

4925.57 (4292.07)

07.Darlington Malayali :

Community: 1560.00(1280)

  1. Kerala School Coventry:


  1. Run to Kerala.  15790.23  (13643.48)
  2. Dr. Mathew Jacob, Leeds:



Total: 38,307.64

BM- 52,600.37 + partnership


Grand total: £  91,260.51


Virginmoneygiving amount w/o gift aid

£  73,935.59

Virgin money giving’s 3.5% commission: £ 2587.75


£ 91,260.51- £ 2587.75=

£ 88,672.76


Add: £ 27.24 from BMCF general fund : £ 88700.00


Kerala’Floods Relief Appeal/Rebuild Kerala’ CMDRF:

£ 88700.00

Apart from the above, many business organisations and people from all other nationalities including locals actively participated in the fundraising campaign.

Please visit www.britishmalayali.co.uk/news/charity for further details/news in malayalam.