Untitled-2Charity issued an emergency appeal in response to the application received for the treatment/air ambulance expenses to repatriate Liverpool settled  MrMonees to the UK. He is currently admitted in Mumbai( Global Hospital, Dadhar) due to cerebral haemorrhage and undergone emergency surgery two weeks ago.

Mr. MoneesOusephis still in an unconscious stage and the family is kindly requesting financial help of U.K malayalees to assist them  to meet the travelling expenses. They were in India on the way to meet Mr Monees mum who is ill back in Kerala and while in Mumbai he became unwell. Due to the unexpected hospital admission, they had to spend around ten lakhs Indian rupees ( approx. £ 11,000.00) already in Hospital bills itself and they are struggling to find additional funds  to treat him in India. If they found sufficient funds, they will be able to bring Mr. Monees back to the UK for further and better treatment / rehabilitation, which would also help the family to reunite with their sons, who are university studentsin U.K. Monee’s wife  works part-time as a nurse in Liverpool NHS Hospital.

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