The BMCF charity foundation has decided to conduct  charity skydiving  event this years also to support deprived sections of people especially nursing students back in Kerala India. The last three events  heldwas very successfully with substantial amount of fund raised and distributed to students and financially weaker sections of society . In the year 2017 at Lagan in Nottingham, England was a huge success with the wide participation of participants from different walks of life and also raising an overwhelming amount of over £ 42,000.00.  This fund helped to transform the lives of many aspiring young nurses in Kerala, India by supporting them financially to continue their studies. Also an amount of £ 3,500.00 was given to Cancer Research UK, one of the leading charities in UK in the area of fighting against deadly disease of cancer.Subsequently another  event of skydiving held at Salisbury on 28th September 2019 and an overwhelming amount of over £ 41 Ks raised, which was benefitted by about 200 nursing students along with a small fund given to Swindon and Wiltshire Children deaf society. Also, an amount of over £ 18 Ks raised during the skydiving event conducted in October 2022 wherein over 30 people benefitted in Kerala.

The event has organised this year also with a view to mainly support financially unsound student nurses back in Kerala, India.  The trustees reached to this decision by taking into consideration the fact that most of the recently migrated Malayali community has come from the nursing background which paved them the way for settling well with their family in U.K and also to assist their dear and near ones in back in India.  An elaborate discussion in charity felt that as most of its members/families are also with nursing background, should  support financially struggling student nurses to complete their studies in order to enable them to build  up a bright future ahead.

The challenge is open to all public from the age of 16 but to some maximum weight restrictions. The participant will have to open a fundraising platform through virginmoneygiving selecting BMCF as supporting charity. The trust is planning to conduct the event with the participation of at least 30 people, who will be flying high sky at a height upto 13500 ft. for a free fall skydiving at Langer, Nottingham.Many people including the trustees, business persons & a priest  have already come forward to participate and if anyone wishes to participate, please contact at [email protected].

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