“A mother’s arms are more comforting than any one else’s” Cardiac aneurysm is a bulge in the wall of heart artery or chamber and it is a rare condition. Doctors at Brighton children hospital have not faced this condition for the past 25 years. Little Daniel had to have 4 open heart surgeries to rectify this condition in his three year life time. His mum Mridula came to UK as a carer two years back. Her husband Joffin and kids joined the family only 10 months ago. Daniel has two other siblings, all under 10 years old. Due to his special medical condition and attention he needed both parents are not able to work and it is causing immense stress on their lives. Pledging their only property in 9 cents land in Chalakkudy, Kerala they came to UK hoping for a better future. Joffin’s dad back home is a cancer patient too. Kerala community in Exeter is kindly supporting this family to an extent. High rental costs and the fact they both will not be able to work for the near future pushes this young family to the edge of survival. This family needs our prayers and kind support.

 Please donate whatever way you can by clicking on this link and please do not forget to give consent to reclaim gift aid if you are eligible. Income from your Jobs are normally eligible to claim gift aid as it is taxed. Every £ 1.00 you donate will get enhanced to another £ 0.25 by reclaiming the gift aid from HMRC and all the fund of your donations including gift aid ( 125%) will directly go into the hand of beneficiaries after a very nominal fee of ( 3 to 4% ) fundraising platform.


In the meantime, Late Binoy’s family received the an amount of £ 15,200.00 through ‘Binoy Thomas Appeal’. Binoy passed away unexpectedly at Basildon, England due to heart attack and the details of fund received as follows:

When an amount of £ 11,494.00 received through KindLink platform, gift aid of £ 2092.00 received from HMRC and £2,040.00 reached into charity’s bank a/c. A fee of £ 460.00 deducted and the trustees added another £ 34.00 from general fund to make the round figure to £ 15,200.00 

Loading...Remya Dominic Appeal initited by the charity after receiving an application from Remya’s family. Heart breaking story of Remya Dominic (27) from Angamaly, Kerala sends shivers down the spine and reminds us all about the precious healthy life we have. This bright young mathematics post graduate came to UK as a carer only dreaming about a good future for herself and family. She was very much the hope of her mother who is working as a sweeper back home. She was hospitalised following a migrane and soon diagnosed with TB menegitis. Later on she was paralysed after a stroke and ended up having to have NG feed. Doctors were losing hopes on her recovery. She was kindly looked after by the Brighton local Keralite coomunity coordinated by her cousin sister Diya in Ireland. They have arranged her only sister Reshma from back home to come to UK to take care of Remya. “Your parents leave you too soon and your kids and spouse come along late, but your siblings know you when you are in your most inchoate form” —-Loving and caring attention of Reshma is slowly bringing Remya back in to life. She is showing signs of recovery but this family needs our help. Not from a wealthy family, she had to pledge their only family prperty to arrange loan for emmigration related expenses. Being hospitalised for so long has led to termination of her visa. Getting her back to India with family is the priority now but it will be expensive. They have no other means to meet medical expenses and large loans. The charity concluded the appeal as follows:

KindLink      –    £13,371.00

GiftAid        –        £ 2,228.00

Bank        –           £ 1,154.00 

Less fee        –     £ 535.00 

Total           –     16218.00

Added £ 32.00 from general fund.

Total           –    £ 16,250.00

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