1 Untitled-1The representative from Heathrew Malayali Association, Biju Baby handed over an amount of £ 9,900.00 to the family on 12th September collected by the charity foundation in the event of the  untimely and sudden death of 35 years old Binil Pallathu at Heathrew on 31st Agugust 2019. The whole community came together to support the  wife of Late Binil, Liji and three years old daughter. An amount of £ 9237.25 received through virginmoneygiving link and £ 925.00 directly to bank a/c. An amount of £ 273.00 deducted towards virginmoney commission and added £ 10.75 from the general fund to make the round figure to £ 9,900.00

Please visit www.britishmalayali.co.uk/news/charity for further details/news in malayalam.