Untitled-2The trust of the British Malayali Charity Foundation has decided to honour the supporters of ‘Kerala Flood Relief Appeal’, who raised a substantial amount of fund which was handed over to Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan, the Chief Minister of Kerala towards CMDRF on 12th November 2018 at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India.  The single largest amount of the charity foundation to the tune  of £ 88,700.00 was given at this time.  The foundation will be organising an event shortly to invite the supporters to thank them personally and also to hand over charity’s certificate indicating their respective amount raised towards the humanitarian appeal issued in the wake of the worst hit torrential rain devastated the state of Kerala, South India during August 2018. However, the supporters may contact at  [email protected] if they wish to receive their certificates prior to this event.

In the meantime, the trust also has decided to begin a campaign in response to the request of many U.K malayalees, who in turn wanted to help the individual families and other specified projects in Kerala through their fundraising.  They had requested BMCF to facilitate their effort as their donations would get enhanced to another 25% by reclaiming the gift aid (with certain conditions) if they donate through registered charities in U.K. The trust had put this request on hold until the then ongoing appeal were to be completed in order to avoid any confusion to the general public about distribution of collected funds.  All the donations of that period   towards the appeal was intended to support CMDRF. Any individual or a group can now support a family/project through just announced ‘BMCF Rebuild Kerala Targeted Support Project’.  The trust has opened a campaign page on their virgin money giving a/c exclusively for this purpose and if anyone wishes to take part in this project, they  may please get in touch with the office bearers at [email protected] for further information. There are certain conditions laid down by the trust to this project as follows:

  1. Minimum amount of contribution by the individuals/groups must be above £ 2000.00 to the individuals/projects assigned in Kerala.
  2. BMCF’ application form must be filled in/signed in by the beneficiary and received by the trust prior to donating fund to the trust by the individuals/groups. Full details including the photographs of the family/projects to be sent to the BMCF.
  3. The payment to the beneficiary in Kerala will be done only through the cheque of BMCF to the individual saving bank a/c. The payment can be issued/received to the institutions only to those who have permission to receive foreign funds.
  4. Since it takes around 5 weeks to get the gift aid paid into charity’s bank a/c, the disbursement of the fund will be arranged taking into consideration of the same time of period.
  5. The payment of fund to the beneficiary will be done only under the supervision of British Malayali Charity Foundation or its authorised representative. Cheque will not send through any third parties.
  • The official receipt of the BMCF to be signed/acknowledged by the beneficiary upon receipt of the cheque/fund.
  • The trustees of the BMCF has the right to enquire/investigate about the details of application including through third parties prior to the disbursement of funds.
  1. The donations will be accepted through the virginmoneygiving page/link only after receiving/approving the application by the trust.
  • It is the responsibility of the individual/group, who donates the fund, to inform the BMCF about which project/family they intend to support with their donation.
  • The details of virginmoneygiving link/page will be given only after receipt of application.
  • BMCF cannot give guarantee to raise its own fund through ‘British Malayali’ from its supporters towards the application received. However, it will be the discretion of BMCF to decide to support which project if any other donations received from its supporters/British Malayali readers.
  • The decision of the British Malayali Charity Foundation will be final on any issues arising out of this.

For more details/news in Malayalam about charity activities, please visit www.britishmalayali.co.uk