The charity has issued above seasonal appeal in response tothe applications received from its supporters in U.K and also from India. The trustees shortlisted the ones which appeared to be eligible in the first round of verification and conducted a thorough enquiry in the localities of the applicants through various means and referees. After an elaborate discussion and finalisation in the trust, five cases were finalised to include in the appeal and one of them featuring a well known writer and socio-cultural reformist  Mr. Nooranadu Mohan, also known as ‘unma mohan’ who led a one man fight through his inland type magazine ‘unma’ against the social discriminations and disparities prevailing  in the society. Now, he is admitted into the hospital due to the  severe condition of liver cirrhosis and has been posted for a liver transplantation surgery on 8th May,due to be receivedfrom his own wife Kanimani, who happened to be a poetress  as well. 53 year old Mohan used to be a writer interfering in socio-economic-political issues during last 35 years and had been travelling extensively every nook and corner of the state tirelessly neglecting his personal   health which led to him to be the victim of this life threatening condition. Now, he requires as estimated amount of Rs. 50 lakhs for his surgery  and many prominent personalities turned a blind eye towards his request for help including very famous people from socio/art/cultural background. He has now approached the charity as a last resort and appealing U.K malayalees to assist him to overcome the present crisis. He has no other income apart from his own house and has two children.

Another case has taken up for the appeal is of a  45 days new born baby from Thuravur in Alappuzha district and the baby has now  been admitted into the neonatal ICU of  a hospital due to a condition called diaphragmatic hernia.  Parents Ouseppachan and Gopika are struggling to raise the  cost of Rs. 12 lakhs for necessary medical interventions as they are already in bad debt due to  missing payments for the loans from the bank.

24 years old Deneesh Mathew’s case has also added into the appeal for the attention and support of U.K malayalees. Deneesh from Churuli, Idukki district hail from a very poor family as his father is a construction worker with daily wages. Deneesh, a biomedical engineer himself met with a road traffic accident and has been critically ill due to the injuries caused to brain. He needs full time care and his father is the carer to look after him thereby unable to go for his daily work.

The melancholy story of 17 years old Alex Boban is also  featured in ‘britishmalayali’ as part of Easter/Vishu Appeal as  Alex is suffering from blood cancer and looking for stem cell transplant to recover from his illness. Alex from Adimali in Idukki district  needs a substantial amount of money for the procedure even though his sister is the donor.

The fifth case for the appeal has been of 50 years old Sasidhara Panickar from Attappallam, Idukki and has approached the charity with a request to assist him for the medical treatment of his kidney disease. He has two children and they are unable to continue their education due to the poor financial situation of the family. The youngest daughter is a 2nd year nursing student and she is about to ldis-continue her training courses due to missing fees and other expenses.

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