Untitled-1 copySince the charitable activities are very much associated with U.K daily life and also   a part of curriculum and added advantage for students looking for higher education,   it has decided to form a youth wing under the charity to extend opportunities for them to benefit and also to work for a noble cause. It was also felt by the trustees to include the next generation to take further lead in the foundation by implementing new ideas and policies at par with the growing generation. A sub committee has been formed by the charity headed by trustee Shaji Thomas as Convener, Roy Stephen, Prasanna Shaji, Afsal Ali, Jagadees Nair &Shinu Mathews as members to set up youth wing and also to suggest two members onto the board of trustees. Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer will also be members of this committee.

Charity is inviting applications from young students and youths to be a part of youth wing and two representatives from this group will be inducted into the board of BMCF trust as trustees. Please contact [email protected] for further details. Following are the general conditions to be a youth wing member:

  1. Must be a UK resident between 16& 27 years of age;
  2. youths nominated to BMCF trust from youth wing must be over 18 and shall not be  in education.
  3. willing to work selflessly by able to find out specific time for the charity
  4. ready to accomplish vested duties in given time;
  5. adapt and strictly abide by the rules & regulations of the trust/youth wing;
  6. actively participate in discussions/consensus in the trust( if nominated onto trust) and the youth wing;
  7. maintain the privacy & confidentiality of BMCF trust& the youth wing;
  8. to participate/contribute into the meeting s /programs/projects undertaken by trust;
  9. assist/manage to update/upload trust’s social medias/website in english language;
  10. to share charity news/its activities in social medias such as facebook, Whatsapp etc.

Please contact at [email protected] for further details