The first seasonal appeal after the recently held AGM  has  been issued by the charity alongwith the ongoing Easter & Vishu festive season. Four cases have already featured in ‘British Malayali’ online news describing the situation of beneficiaries and appealing for help.

Ananthu, a second year degree student from Karakulam, Thiruvananthapuram had met with a road accident last June and unfortunately lost his both legs as a result of the same. His   family with poor financial background is unable to afford the financial needs for prosthetic limbs, which would enable him to lead a comparitively normal life to continue his education and to support his family as well in the future.

The story of the family of four  year old little child Aleena from  Koratty, Thrissur district in Kerala has, also gained the attention of many readers.   Apart from Aleena being unwell  in her little  age, her dad Johny is  also a patient with mental disorder and heart problems. To make things from bad to worse, Aleena’s mum Lalitha got injured in a road accident recently. Hence, there is no regular source of income for them to run the daily bread & butter needs.

Another pathetic story, which featured in  ‘British Malayali’ on Easter day was about     Dolly  Raju, a liver patient with liver stone disease from Punthura in Thiruvananthapuram district.  Dolly had to undergo several surgeries to remove stones, which is far away from the  affordability of the already financially crippled family. The disease still continues which needs urgent intervention and further treatment for the family with three young children. Dolly’s husband Raju is also not well with his condition on legs and they all live in a temporary accomodation in two cents of land owned by Dolly’s cancer-stricken dad.

Fourth case so far is about 36 year old Jolly Joseph and his ailing parents from Thrikkakkara, Ernakulam district. This narrates the sorry state of affairs of  an aged  parents as a  huge responsibility fallen on their shoulders in their late ages to   look after their unwell son. Jolly was a normal person untill two years ago when a rare condition called ‘spinal cavarnoma’ was  diagnosed. Now. he is paralysed from hip to the feet and bedridden with wheelchair bound. No house of their own for this family and Jolly is completely depended on his parents even for his personal hygiene and preliminary needs. Two more cases will be published in coming days to
make    the total number six.

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