The AGM held on 9th April at Goucester elected new trustees and executive committee for the current financial year.   Chairman, Mr. TomichenKozhuvanal (Woking) and Secretary Mr. Cimy George (Croydon)  is to continue their term . Mr. SabuChundakattil (Manchester) is to be the new Treasurer of the charity. Mr.  Shaji Lukose(Belfast)  and Mr. George Edathuva (Leicester) have been elected as Vice Chairman& Jt. Secretary respectively. Following are 11 member team of the office bearers and the trustees elected during the above AGM:

Mr. TomichenKozhuvanal (Woking)                    –           Chairman

Mr. Cimy George (Croydon)                                   –           Secretary

Mr. SabuChundakattil (Manchester)                    –           Treasurer

Mr. Shaji Lukose (Belfast)                                      –           Vice-Chairman

Mr. GoergeEdathuva                                               –           Jt. Secretary

Mr. Francis Antony (Telford)                                  –           Trustee

Mr. ShajanSkariah                                                   –           Trustee

Mr. K.D. Shajimon (Manchester)                           –           Trustee

Mr. K.RShaijumon (Coventry)                               –           Trustee

Mr. Sam Thiruvathilil (Basingstoke)                     –           Trustee

Mr. SibyMeprathu (Southampton)                        –           Trustee


The Chairman and Secretary thanked  outgoing trustees  Mr. SoniKavumkal Chacko& Mrs. Shinu Clare Mathews for their support and efforts dedicated for the charity during the last term.

The meeting was presided over  by Chairman Mr. TomichenKozhuvanal and Secretary Mr. Cimy George welcomed the attendees.  The Annual general report along with the accounts for the previous term was presented  during the meeting.  An amount of £79108.00 was given by charity during the last financial year.A total amount of £350000.00 were distributed to  115 beneficiaries including various institutions right from the inception of the charity.  The committee thanked  readers of ‘British Malyali’ and all the well wishers for their continued support and co-operation toward the charity.

It was also decided in the meeting to increase the number of trustees after detailed discussion.