Untitled-1As the festival season approaches with its joy filled with spirit and cheers around the world, British Malayali Charity Foundation has geared up to issue its seasonal appeal during Christmas/New Year 2020 by featuring the story of five underprivileged families in Kerala who struggle to cope with the both ends to meet. The foundation receive a number of applications for financial support from across Kerala on daily basis, most of them with life-threatening illnesses. The most deserving applications from these are considered and include into the regular seasonal appeals after necessary verification and stringent inquiries conducted by the trustees. Following are the five cases taken up to include into the appeal:

Hardworking 29 years old Alen Augustine from Arppokkara, Kottayam had a very normal life up until recently when he diagnosed with kidney disease. His financial situation went from bad to worse as an immediate transplantation had to carry out to save his life. Even though his mum donated the kidneys, he had to borrow huge amounts to pay the exorbitant hospital bills. Now, he has approached BMCF with a request to support him. .

Untitled-2Amil Augustine from Karumallor in Ernakulam district is a 9th std student and his family has approached the charity foundation with an earnest request. 13 years old Amal Augustine’s both kidneys have become malfunctional due to the side effects of medication after a surgery, as per his doctors. Now, his mother’s kidneys have cross matched for transplantation. However, hefty expenses for transplantation procedure is a huge challenge for this family, especially Amal’s dad is a JCB driver with very limitedfinancial resources.

Another case included into the appeal belong to Emily M.K., ManganamKottayam. Emily is a lower middle class household wife ended up in a vicious circle in her young age due to her ongoing plight. Her two small children ( 2 & 6 years) affected with kidney diseases, 42 years old husband met with 2 RTAs, 59 years old mother in law with cancer. No means of income but entirely depend upon the kind help & offering of friends and relatives, who visit them occasionally. Educated Emily had to discontinue her small job in a nearby school to manage 24×7 care need at home. They live in a small much maintenance required- house in a 4 cents of land . All they get help is a small regular support from their local parish church.

Untitled-319 years old Ananthu’s case has also featured into the above appeal by narrating his pathetic story. Ananthu R is from Karakulam, Thiruvanathapuram born with many medical conditions. His dad died ten years ago and the whole household including his two small siblings are being looked after by Ananthu’s mum by doing small jobs in the neighborhood houses. The have no their own house and live on rent as they had to dispose their 2 cents of land for medical treatment. Now, his both kidneys damaged and doing the regular dialysis which costs around Rs 15 thousand a month. He requires transplantation which will cost around Rs. 13 lakhs. .

Another case in the appeal has been featured with the plight of a young woman i.eJancy Biju from Athirampuzha, Kottayam. Jancy is affected with multiple myeloma since last couple of years. She lost her husband Biju unexpectedly four years ago due to stroke leaving her two very young children and Biju’s frail and aged parents. Above and over this, Jancy’s father in-law has diagnosed with cancer as well. 39 years old Jancy needs 24×7 care herself as her medical condition get worsened day by day along with the care of her two small children. Jancy’s sister, who also lost her Untitled-4husband, had to give up her small job in Delhi to travel and look after her sister in Kerala by leaving her daughter with relatives in Delhi. The overall situation of this family is very pathetic as they survive literally with the kind donations from friends and other community members. The local parish also help them generously by collecting donations from the parishioners. Please click the following link if you wish to donate to this noble cause.

Please don’t forget to give consent to reclaim gift aid if you are eligible as every £ 1.00 you donate will get enhanced to another £ 0.25 by claiming the gift aid from HMRC. https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-display/showROFundraiserPage?userUrl=britishmalayali&pageUrl=52 Please read www.britishmalayali.co.uk if you wish to read the above news in detail in Malayalam.