As a result of the recently concluded discussion by the trust to arrange different ways of fund raising apart from the seasonal appeals, the trustees have decided to hold Skydiving at Langar, Nottingham on Saturday 23rd September 2017 by the maximum involvement of UK Malayali/local Communities. There is an overwhelming response for the news published seeking for aspirants to take part in the event and now, the trust have already arranged to hold an extra event on 24th to accommodate increasing number of applications. Although the 25 people will be skydiving on 23rd, the amount of people may follow the suit on following day as well.

The event has, organised with a view to mainly support financially unsound student nurses back in Kerala, India and also to endorse our understanding with local UK charities such as Cancer Research UK by assisting them with our little help. The trustees reached to this decision by taking into consideration the fact that most of the recently migrated Malayali community has come from the nursing background which paved them the way for settling well with their family in U.K and also to assist their dear and near ones in back in India. An elaborate discussion in charity felt that as most of its members/families are also with nursing background, should have shown sympathy to financially struggling student nurses to complete their studies in order to enable them to build up a bright future ahead.

Many prominent personalities in U.K such as charity’s treasurer Mr. Sabu Chundakattil, Ex-Treasurer Ms. Shinu Clare Mathews, Secretary’s wife Mrs. Mini Cimy, Chairman’s daughter Ms. Angelin Augustine, Trustees Siby Meprathu & Sam Thiruvathils’ daughters Femi Mathew, Sonsy Sam respectively. It is evident that people from all the walks of life are participating such as Fr. Roy Kottakkapuram Fr. George Puthoor are also taking part in this challenging event.
Also confirmed participants so far are Alona Shaji, Treesa Jones, Allen Saji, Akhil Nair, Abil Babychan, Agnes Maria, Mahesh Vyas, Gayatri Pillai, Sunny P.K, Benjamin Vincent , Giji George,Jacob Thomas, John Kuriakose, Aby Skariya, Manoj Joseph, Priya Thomas, Febin & Femil Soni.
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Please get in touch with charity and send your applications to [email protected] if you wish to participate in this noble cause. Please visit for further details/news in malayalam.