Untitled-3 copyMost of the current trustees will be stepping down from the trust inorder to give further boost to the functioning  of the charity by new ideas and strategies in its upcoming Annual General Meeting on Saturday, at 11 AM 24th March 2018 at Southampton, England. The Britain’s  largest peoples’ charity amongst Malayalees has already given around £ 450,000.00 (Over Rs 4 crores) from its inception five years ago. Most of its raised funds are gone to  the underprivileged sections of people with life threatening diseases in Kerala, India. Charity has also assisted many institutions/projects in India and supported local charities in U.K.

Now, it  is looking for new trustees to take on board to the next trust to run its day to day activities. Those members who have a will to work and would like to be a part of the team can get in touch with the charity at [email protected].  Those who have donated to the charity  in last year at least for two appeals can be a member by just filling the application form.If anyone wants to become a member and be a part of the team as a trustee, they are invited to take part in the scheduled AGM with prior intimation on the above mail.

Charity is also looking for enthusiastic youths and would be  forming a youth wing alongside charity to accommodate and implement its policies & programs. Charity is inviting applications from young students and youths to be a part of youth wing and representative from this wing will be inducted into the board of trust as trustees. Please contact at [email protected] for further details. Following are the general conditions to be a youth wing member:

  1. Must be a UK resident between 18 & 25 years of age;
  2. willing to work selflessly by finding out specific time for the charity;
  3. ready to accomplish vested duties in given time;
  4. adapt and strictly abide by the rules & regulations of the trust;
  5. actively participate in discussions/consensus in charity; ( if nominated onto trust)
  6. maintain the privacy & confidentiality of trust ;
  7. to participate into the meeting s /programs undertaken by trust;
  8. assist/manage to update/upload trust’s social medias/website in English language.

For more details in malayalam, please visit : www.britishmalayali.co.uk/news/charity