The charity has decided to go to  public with a request to support about six unfortunate  families out of 20 applications received this year during Christmas season and may be increased to 10 if receive positive response. We feature the stories of these families who need urgent attention and care from us to reorganise  their  difficult daily life due to the diseases and poor financial backgrounds.  Although it was discussed among trustees to adopt a different strategy henceforth towards  the charity’s projects, we could not turn a blind eye towards these families’ requests to help them to overcome their present crisis and build-up a new life.

dichu1 dichu2The story of 11 year old  Dichu from Ayavana, Malappuram Dist., Kerala, who suffer from cerebral palsy which occurred right from the age of one not only disabled him to grow-up as normal as to walk, but damaged whole family’s routine life and all future expectations.  But Siby, the dad of Dichu, struggled to bring his young child up by providing all possible medical treatments from Kottayam Medical College , ESI Kottayam, Ayurvedic and even physiotherapy despite of his limited daily wages as a driver without having his own vehicle or a permanent job.   The one and only assistance is being received is a monthly amount of Rs. 200/- from Grama Panchayat towards Dichu’s treatment. Currently the boy’s condition is getting better and have been able to walk with the continuous treatment from a local  ayurvedic hospital in Ayavana and he is able to go to the local Sacred Heart school in 2nd std.

pratheesh24 years Pratheesh from Mararikkulam in Alappuzha Dist., Kerala is a brilliant young student and doing his MBA in Manipal University.  However, the ill fate hunt him down in the form of kidney disease which started to show its horrific signs in the form of swollen legs and legs when he was in 8th standard.  But Pratheesh’s determination and ambition helped him to continue his education and fortunately his mother’s kidney has matched to the transplantation purpose.   But, this poor family is unable to find out sufficient funds for the same as he already needs money for his weekly dialysis and the only family income is from the daily wages of his father, who have already pledged their 10 cents of land for his son’s medication.

jose-georgeJose George (49) is a cancer patient from Karunapuram in Indukkki dist. of Kerala. Their household including his wife and young children ( 8th std. & 5th std.) were leading a normal life until an year ago when Jose diagnosed with backbone cancer.  He needs to spend around 50 thousand rupees in a month for his regular treatment for radiation and his wife is the only bread winner of his family with her low wages from the nearest  tea estates. He is seeking financial assistance for medical intervention of his sickness and further expenses..


shaji-pShaji P’s (37) story is also not different from others as he is a kidney patient but he was able to transplant with his wife Divya’s kidney with the assistance of dear and near ones. His family consists of two very young children aged 8 and 2 and the doctors have advised him to take complete bed rest for  another 2 years to recover from his illness. He is from Kozhichena in Malappuram dist. of Kerala and lives with his brother as he could not continue to build his own house in 8 cent plot since he had to discontinue his promising job in the Middle East due to the sings of his disease which  developed 1 ½ years ago.  Now, he is seeking help from our charity to restart the construction of their partially built house.

The heart touching story of Sheena Shibu from Ayarkkunnam, Kottayam dist. would definitely, attract the attention of everyone as she is a widow with 4 little children aged from 4 to 9 years.  Her husband took his own life couple of years ago and she lives with her brother as she has no house of her own.  Her dream is to buy an auto-rickshaw to earn some money to feed her children and as such, she is currently learning the driving for this purpose.

sheen-with-childrenReji John from Vellileppally, Pala in Kottayam  also deserves our attention as she is a widow with three kids from 2 ½ to 8 years.. She is looking for a shelter to live with her children  along with a huge responsibility to look after and bring them up her own as her late husband committed suicide leaving his young wife and little children.

Thos who may wish to help the above families may please do so by clicking ‘donate’ button on the top right of the home page or through our bank a/c furnished in the left bottom part.  We encourage you to send the money through ‘virginmoneygiving’ by ticking gift aid, which will enhance your contribution by another 0.25 pence to each £ 1.00 you donate by claiming gift aid from HMRC.