Shinu Mathews, a successful businesswoman, and philanthropist from the North West of England celebrated her 50th Birthday on 22nd May 2021. While thanking Almighty for the abundant blessing showered on me all these years, Shinu decided to mark this special day by sharing her joy and happiness with the most disadvantaged people.

As we all know, the world population is going through very difficult times never seen before due to the Covid pandemic. Few are fortunate enough to have good resources to fight against this disease, whereas a lion share of the globe has been badly hit and have been severely affected. Shinu says that it is her strong belief that it is our duty as human beings to support each other to overcome this crisis in whatever way we can. As such, she decided to undertake a 50-mile charity walk to raise funds to support affected people in the state of Kerala, who lost their dear and near ones and also the main breadwinners in the family. Shinu marked her 50th birthday by doing the walk at Middleton near Manchester, which was completed within 10 days.

This is not the first time Shinu has challenged herself to raise money for those in need. Back in 2018, she completed a skydiving challenge and in 2019 she took part in the National Three Peaks challenge, both of which were organised by BMCF. More importantly, Shinu has supported BMCF by giving us her valuable time and helping us organise and support various charity events.

Please click here to support Shinu in her fundraising.

British Malayali Charity Foundation is extremely grateful that Shinu has selected BMCF as the supporting charity and all the proceeds of donations including 25% gift aid will go to the BMCF to support the most deserved people.

If you are eligible to claim gift aid, please ensure to give consent as if eligible, every £1.00 you donate will get enhanced to another £0.25 by reclaiming the gift aid scheme from HMRC.