gijThe trustees decided to go for an appeal to assist the family of Mr. Gijo & Mrs. Shiny from New Milton, Southampton to overcome the crisis they are going through currently. A relief committee was already set up to monitor their case under the chairmanship of one of the trustees Siby Meprathu and K.S. Johnson from Poole, who in turn, contacted the charity initially with the request. Apart from Southampton Malayali Association President Jomy Joy, Kalahampshire representative Jaison, charity Chairman Tomichen Kozhuvanal, Secretary Cimy George and Treasurer Shinu Mathews are also committee members. The family who hails from Kothamangalam in Kerala are the victim of bogus recruiting agents who makes money from job seekers in U.K by offering permanent jobs and visas.

Mrs. Shiny, who holds Masters in Business Administration arrived in U.K six years ago hoping to build up their family life by providing better education to their 18 & 16 years children. However, their dream was shattered with the procedural changes in the rules and regulations along with the unscrupulous attitude of an employment agent and a nursing home owner over looting their money to the tune of around £ 30,000.00 pounds. To add injury to the insult, Gijo, Shiny’s husband fell ill with heart condition which prevented him for doing any job. He was hospitalised for a continuous period of 52 days and the doctors found him unfit to travel as well. The charity have already given them an amount of £ 1000.00 from general fund to meet their immediate and regular monthly expenses due to their difficult situation.

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