kk11The fund of £ 3200.00 in the above appeal has been given to the authorities in a brief function organised at Pallode Taluk Hospital by charity’s trustee and ‘Marunadan Malayali’ editor Mr. Shajan Scaria to the Vice President of Nanniyode Panchayat. The person behind this cause Dr. Divya was also present at the function along with a gathering of few people including teachers. The committee has already prepared a project to utilise the fund mainly for feeding people, which comes around Rs. 2.75 lakhs. The social commitment of Dr. Divya was particularly appreciated by the charity as she endeavour to assist the poor people in her catchment areas over and above from her limited role as a medical officer. Even though the trustees had originally decided to contribute an amount of £ 1250.00 from the general fund, further decided to go for an appeal as a token of acceptance of Dr. Divya’s and teams selfless dedication to humanity. As a matter of fact, UK Malayalees overwhelmingly welcomed the above appeal by donating an additional amount of £ 1965.00 (after deducting virginmoney’s commission) through virginmoneygiving & charity’s bank a/c. As such, a total amount of £ 3200.00 including £ 1250.00 from general fund had been generated and given.
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