Untitled-1The Onam Appeal 2020 has been boosted with the usual anonymous  donation of £ 1,111.00, who donate to the appeals under the name of ‘Appapa’ and the total fund has reached over £ 3000.00 due to this generous support.  The appeal has issued in the festive season of Onam, a national festival celebrated harmoniously by all religions in the state of Kerala, South India to support the most deserving applications from there. The trustees have selected four cases from the number of applications received in the 1st phase of the appeal. Further applications may be included as the appeal progresses with adequate fund receive to support the cases.

The first case belong to Anajana Santhosh, a 17 year old girl who is suffering from autism and other differently abled conditions. Anjana’s parents belongs to a very poor family and they have no stable house but live in  a temporary shed built up in the land of Anjana’s grandparents. The family hails from Erumely, Mundakkayam in Kottayam dist. of Kerala and her father Santhosh has also some medical conditions, which prevent him from going out to do his routine jobs, which seldom available now due to the Corona virus mess.

The 2nd one included to support Mohandas from Ezhacherry, Pala who has no  house his own  and suffer from   multiple diseases such as elephantiasis. His wound on the leg due to the illness doesn’t allow him to go for any work as his wife is also unwell with other medical conditions. The 3rd case featured in the appeal belong to Jeron Shanty from Chenappady, Kanjirappally. Jeron is a nine year old boy and struggling to cope with his normal life from the age of two due to the stomach pain and breathlessness.  Jeron has been diagnosed with lung disease and a surgery has been advised the doctors, but the same can only be conducted once the child get back to his normal health. The parents find it difficult to arrange the fund needed to support their son’s medical treatment from  time to time as they have no regular income but a hand to mouth amount receive from occasional jobs. This family’s overall situation has deteriorated recently with the diagnosis of a life threatening disease of Jeron’s mother.

The story of Eldose Paul from Kayanadu in Muvattupuzha has also published in British Malayali online requesting for donations by including into the appeal. The 39 years old Eldose was leading  his normal life otherwise with  routine job as an auto rikshaw driver when ill-fate haunted him unexpectedly with  heart diseases. He had to undergo surgery to rectify the heart complications, however he was paralysed subsequently due to the diabetic neuropathy. Eldose was the sole bread winner in the family with the responsibility to look after his elderly mother and 10 years old child. His wife is unable to go for any work due to the fact that she needs to look after the household including her ill husband. They have no other source of income but live in a small house built with the support of local Panchayat fund.

We request you to please assist the above families whatever way you can to shed some light in the festive season of Onam  by clicking onto the following viriginmonegiving link.  Please do not forget to give your consent to reclaim the gift aid if eligible as every £ 1.00 you donate will get enhanced to another £ 0.25 by reclaiming the gift aid from the HMRC.


Please visit www.britishmalayali.co.uk for read above news in Malayalam.