The charity has extended its helping hand from a group of people to a whole community by deciding to assist a local community of over 200 poor people in Nanniyode Panchayat in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala, India. This project has its own importance due to the government funding under a ‘Palliative Care Management Committee’ consisting of regional Medical officer, Panchayat president, Asha workers and other NGO’s involved. However, the government funding is limited to the medical/travel expenses of this committee whereas most of the people under the catchment area of this scheme are from very poor financial/social backgrounds even without sufficient food and proper clothing. Hence Dr.Divya from Palode government hospital and the committee’s Medical Officer contacted the charity to seek possibilities of financial assistance for this purpose. The trustees wholeheartedly supported the proposal by offering an amount of £ 1250.00 from the general fund. In the meantime, Mr. ShajanScaria, Managing editor of ‘British malayali’ &Marunadan Malayali newspapers took a leading step in publishing the news by highlighting the noble works being done by Dr.Divya and team thereby initiating an appeal by charity known as ‘Palliative Care Appeal’. Mr. Shajan was very much impressed with the dedication and compassion of Dr.Divya towards the needy and her team’s commitment and willingness to go beyond their stipulated duty schedule to help the people. As a matter of fact,UK Malayalees overwhelmingly welcomed the above appeal by donating an additional amount of £ 1965.00 (after deducting virginmoney’s commission) through virginmoneygiving& charity’s bank a/c. As such, a total amount of £ 3200.00 including £ 1250.00 from general fund will be given to the above committee to facilitate the basic requirement of a downtrodden community in Nanniyode Panchayat in Kerala.

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