23rd Sabari Nath came to Belfast, UK during September 2022 from Thiruvananthapuram Kerala, India to join Ulster University as a student in biomedical engineering. However, the ill fate haunted him in the form of a very rare disease known as Guillain barre syndrome wherein he was paralysed completely.

He was admitted into hospital during Christmas time and was became bedridden with the disease deteriorating further. He had no other friends or relatives in Belfast but was cared by his fraternity of community members including the staffs at the hospital. As a matter of fact, as a staff nurse herself the Secretary of British Malayali Charity Foundation Biji Jose came to know about the plight of this young student and took in charge of Sabari’s situation. It was Biji who started looking after him and she brought this case into the attention of BMCF trust and an appeal initiated afterwards as per the application received from Sabari Nath.  The community overwhelmingly supported the campaign by sending generous funds to the appeal and an amount of £ 14,179.00 donated to the kindlink platform by the general public. Another £ 2,442.59 received from HMRC in the form of gift aid and an amount of £ 1,485.00 paid into charity’s bank a/c directly. £ 410.11 deducted towards platform fee for kindlink and the rest of £ 17,696.48 made available for distribution. The trustees decided to contribute £ 3.52 from general fund to make it as a round figure of £ 17,700.00 which was transferred into Sabari Nath’s bank a/c in U.K..

This case was particularly gained attention of the media and the public as charity’s Secretary Biji herself travelled along with Sabari Nath all the way from Belfast hospital to Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala, India to Sabari’s home to  hand over safely to his mum and family.  Sabari would’nt have been able to travel  home back in India  without anybody accompanying and Biji came forward to do the same by spending flight charges from her own end including unpaid leave from her work and leaving her family including children. Biji’s noble gesture was praised and appreciated wholeheartedly by community members.

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