It was a tragic news to the whole community when Nimya Mathew fell ill and died while working at East Sussex Brexhill on Sea hospital on 27th November 2022. She joined her new job as staff nurse only nine months ago and  is survived by her husband Lijo George and 3 years old son Dereck Lijo. The 34 years old Nimya was suffering from tumor and her health condition deteriorated rapidly leading to the sudden death.

The family’s financial condition was not good enough and hence they applied for financial assistance to BMCF. A total fund of £ 29,223.86 had  been raised both through kindlink and charity’s bank a/c in response to the Nimya Appeal. While an amount of £ 24,964.00 received through fundraising platform,  £4,200.90 received from gift aid and. an amount of £ 1,345.00 received directly into the bank a/c. An amount of £ 2.00 added from charity’s general fund to make a round figure of total amount of £ 29,225.00. 

The total amount was distributed between three family members. When an amount of £ 10,000.00 given to husband Lijo, the equal amount of £ 10,000.00 given to Mr. Mathai, the father of deceased and £ 9,225.00 to Nimya’s son Dereck Lijo..

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