Late Sanju Sukumaran’s wife had sent an application to the BMCF seeking for the financial support in the event of untimely and unexpected death of her husband leaving her and their three young children. Sanju was just 39 years old with normal health conditions but his life was taken away suddenly by the heart attack. 

The general public including various local community contributed overwhelmingly to the appeal issued by the foundation and a whopping amount of over £ 30 Ks donated. 

Since BMCF is a registered charity with charity commission, England & Wales, 25% gift aid also given to the donations by the HMRC. When an amount of £ 30,908.00 raised through kindlink, giftaid  expected from HMRC is £  4409.75.  £ 1,996.00 received directly into the Bank a/c and kindlink fee £ 1,236.50 deducted by the platform before sending the proceeds to charity’s bank a/c.  In the meantime trustees decided to make the appeal amount a round figure  of £  36,100.00 by adding £ 22.75 from general fund. 

This is the 4th largest fund collected and distributed by British Malayali Charity Foundation, which is formed years ago by the  great visionary ShajanSkariah ( Managing editor, Marunadan Malayali)with a view to give comfort and care to the Malayali fraternity in UK whenever they are in utter dismay and need for support. BMCF is a public community charity of keralaites run by trustees across UK and our each and every policies and programs are drafted and implemented only after necessary consultation with the wider community and updated through our online news portal.   The decisions are made after elaborate discussions weighting the prones and cones of the cases/appeals gained through  the public debate and opinion.   

It is needles but to mention that the  UK Malayali community has shown a great trust and  confidence in BMCF by generously supporting to its appeals issued from time to time. 

It has been BMCF ‘s  long policy to distribute the raised fund equally to the surviving family members in the event of overwhelming support with a substantial amountin the event of any unforeseen situation wherein other dependants are not being looked after well in the future. The genorisity and kindness of the general public was overwhelming in this appeal due to  the overall situation of the affected family including the age and number of very young children as dependants, which is a major factor behind flooding unexpected volume of over £ 30 Ks

In view of our above adapted policy,  the BMCF trust will be  distributing the overall Sanju Appeal fund of £ 36,100.00 to SeethuSanju in the tune of : £ 21,100.00 and the rest £15,000.00 to the 3xchildren.

Also, this years’ local local charity support is given to Northern Irelan’s charity. St.Vincent de Paul and ClonardMonastry in Belfast  received together and amount of  £ 750.00, which issued in two different cheques of £ 500.00 and £ 250.00 The cheques were handed over to the charities by the Secretary Biji Jose at Belfast. These organisations are always in the forefront to support people without houses including migrants who struggle to survive in their day today lives. The fund was taken from the general fund.

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