As everyone Jibin also arrived in UK dreaming to build a better life for his family with young children. However, 31 years old Jibin Jacob had to meet with a different experience altogether by seeking financial assistance from the UK Malayali community for the treatment of his severe illness. He was diagnosed with acute liver failure at his very young age. Jibinwasnt lucky enough to find a good job even though he was in the UK i last few years. Jibin is from Pathanamthitta, Kerala. He has a four year old child and a new born baby and his wife is currently on maternity leave. Unfortunaely most of us are forced to have a ‘hand to mouth’ way of living due to circumstances. When our luck takes a turn for the worse, we will be left with no choice but to seek the kindness of good fellow human beings. British Malayali Charity Foundation (BMCF) has been able to help many  people through the generosity of its donors and they are thankful to all the supporters for the support they have been pouring over the years  especially towards the last few appeals.. Jibin has a rare blood group (A-) and it is concluded that a liver transplant is not possible in the UK. Jibin had to travel to India and seek further immediate medical assistance.

When a total amount of £ 16,340.00 raised through kindlinkplatform,an amount of £ 3,194.00 gained through gift aid £ 1,280.00 received directly into the bank a/c. Kindlink deduction works out to be £ 814,00 and the rest of £ 20,000.00 earmarked to Jibin, which was decided to hand over in two instalment of £ 10,000.00 each. The trustees had decided to give £ 19,600.00 initially and announced accordingly but another £ 400.00 received after closing the appeal which added into the hand over fund to make it to £ 20,000.00

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