An amount of £ 7900.00 including £ 1000.00 from general fund was given to the family of Mr. Gijo& Mrs. Shiny from New Milton, Southampton last week by the charity in response to the ‘Gijo Appeal’.  A group of youths from Norwich donated  an amount of $ 400.00 to the charity via virginmoney which enhanced to £ 500.00 adding gift aid. Their noble act was appreciated by everyone as they given from the performance of the play known as ‘kallukalkadhaparayumbol’ created and directed by this talented group. The family who hails from Kothamangalam in Kerala are the victim of bogus recruiting agents who makes money from job seekers in U.K by offering permanent jobs and visas. Mrs. Shiny holds Masters in Business Administration from Sunderland University.  Mr. Gijo, Shiny’s husband fell ill with heart condition which prevented him for doing any job. Trustees thanked all for their support and assistance to this family.

The announced AGM of the charity on 8/04/2017 has been postponed and now will be held as follows:

ON sunday the 9th of April at 9.30am in Hill top restorent, 19 Worcester street,Gloucestershire, GL1 3AJ.

The trustees expressed their regret for the inconvenience if any, caused to the concerned in this regard.

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