Late Sanju Sukumaran’s three young  children received  £ 5,000.00 each from ‘Sanju Appeal’ fund thereby ensuring a share of the fund goes to the children as well to utilise the same when they reach at the age of 18. It is BMCF’s general policy as a part of social commitment to earmark a share of donated fund to the young children of deceased person apart from the lion share goes to the next of kin such as surviving partner. This is in line with the wish of charity supporters and readers of British Malayali, who have always requested BMCF for the same and the public generously support our appeals looking at the young children’s future. In this case also, when charity distributed the total fund of £ 36,100.00,  21,100.00 were given to Late Sanju’s wife and rest £ 15,000.00 to the three children’s bank a/c.. Sanju was just 39 years old with normal health conditions but his life was taken away suddenly by the heart attack. 

The Charity foundation had received another application from the family of Late Rajesh Uthamraj, who passed away unexpectedly at the age of 49 at Wales, U.K. Even though the family was migrated to UK over two decades ago, they settled quite late due to the health conditions of Rajesh and his untimely departure left the family in very difficult situation. They requested for financial support to meet the funeral expenses. The trust had rejected their application on the ground that the family had migrated long ago and both were qualified nursing professionals. Also a separate public funding  was initiated by the friends of the family to meet the funeral expenses, which led the trustees to vote out for supporting.   However, the MMCF advisory committee member Soni Chacko from Manchester travelled and  visited the family personally and gathered further information from the family  that they were in desperate need of fund to meet the immediate expenses. They have two young children as well, who are in studies.

The trustees decided to support the family with £ 2,000.00 from the general fund subsequently. All the procedures followed in allowing the fund exactly as per the Grant making policy adapted by the foundation on 15th June 2020.

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