Like many of us Binoy also came to far away in UK sacrificing whatever he had in native place with one and only dream of building up a better life with his family. But he was taken away from this world at such a young age unexpectedly. Binoy Thomas (41) his wife Renji Jose and their three young children (all under 10 years) came to UK only one and half years back. They both were working as care assistants in Basildon hospital, England. Despite having no health related medical history, Binoy suddenly collapsed on last Friday (12th April 2024), and was rushed to the hospital where he became brain dead andunfortunately  later he passed away. The dreams of a family shattered in the flick of a second. It is to be mentioned that his organs were donated and gives hopes to four different persons where his young life will be remembered and celebrated forever. Now, they have no means to find out the repatriation cost of remains along with travelling expenses to India. Also Binoy’s wife has no idea to how to put together the shattered dreams to build up their family’s life especially with three young children. As a generous fraternity in UK, let us kindly show our support to Renji and their very young children in this difficult time. They are yet to recover from the huge expenses they had to bear to come to UK, working as care assistants, living with three young children at a place where rental costs are sky high. Repatriation and travelling to India for funeral are very expensive and they are not able to afford it without the help of us. Please keep them in your prayers. Please donate whatever way you can by clicking on this link and please do not forget to give consent to reclaim gift aid if you are eligible. Income from your Jobs are normally eligible to claim gift aid as it is taxed. Every £ 1.00 you donate will get enhanced to another £ 0.25 by reclaiming the gift aid from HMRC and all the fund of your donations including gift aid ( 125%) will directly go into the hand of beneficiaries after a very nominal fee of ( 3 to 4% ) fundraising platform.

Please click the following link to support Late Binoy’s family:

In the meantime, “Anjaly Joseph Appeal’ has concluded with an amount of £ 23,800.00 earmarked for the family, who struggled to cope with the unexpected diseases of cancer affected to the main breadwinner in the family. They were looking for the fund for further treatment for Anjaly, as her condition was beyond the available treatment as per the UK medical resources.  As the final hope, the family decided to take on the further course of treatment in India and were looking for funds for the same. They also came very recently to UK and was in the verge of settling slowly with young children but the ill fate haunted them cruelly with the unexpected disease.  The details of funds collected are as follows:

Kind link- £ 19,394.00

Gift Aid- £ 3,743.00

Received in bank a/c: £ 1,418.00

Less: Fee of kindlink- £ 755.00

Fund to the family: £ 23,800.00

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