Untitled-1As a result of the continuous discussions held in the trust last few days, a decision has taken by the trust to support the unprivileged tribal in Kerala as the main beneficiary of the announced ‘Snowdonia Charity Event’ scheduled to be held on 21st July 2018. The trust also has decided in continuing to support 20 to 25 bright and poor  nursing students from the last year’s BMCF Scholarship Scheme. As a token of our solidarity towards the local charities in U.K, an amount of not exceeding   £ 1000.00 will be given to Llanberris Mountain Rescue team where the charity event take place on Saturday 21st July 2018.

 The charity has identified a team of selfless and dedicated people, who already work amongst tribal in Kerala such as famous blogger & writer ‘Niraksharan’ Manoj Raveendran, a social activist Mr. Kunjumuhammed from Wynadu, Mrs. Vijayalakshi and ITDP teacher from Idamalakkudi, Idukki, a socio-medical professional Dr. Divya from Thiruvananthapuram and Amboori PHC Medical Officer in charge Dr. Navajeevan. The project named ‘BMCF Tribal Support Scheme 2018’ aim to provide school materials to the children and warm clothes to the aged people in four regions i.e. Attappadi in Palaghat, Wynadu, Idamalakkudi&Palodu/Amboori area in Thiruvananthapuram district. The above persons have been entrusted by the charity to undertake the project once the necessary funds are raised through the charity event. They will be arranging to open necessary bank a/c to channel the financial transactions for this purpose. A project report will be submitted by them prior to the approval of funds by the charity. A committee has been formed including BMCF’s Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Youth Convener, BMCF’s rep in Kerala & advisory committee member ShajanSkariah including the above persons from.

The charity event has been arranged on 20th & 21st July 2018 in two phases known as ‘BMCF SnowdoniaCharityEvent2018’ asfollows:

 Three peaks challenges starts on 20th July 2018 at Ben Nevis in Scotland, a1345 mtr 4412 ft.U.K’s tallest mountain with 360° panoramic views stretched upto Northern Ireland.   After conquering Ben Nevis, challengers will travel by road around 6 hours to Scaffel Pike in Cumbria, England with 978 mtr, 3209 ft. The journey will continue after completing this to another 5 to 6 hours  toSnowdonia to climb 1085 mtr, 3560 ft. U.K’s second tallest mountain  in Wales reaching Snowdonia on 21st to conclude with Snowdonia only challengers.  The participants of this need to arrive Fort William in Scotland previous night (19th) to begin their challenges on 20th early morning. Special certificates will be given by government agencies/BMCF for completing this challenge, which may be beneficial for higher education and employment.

SnowdoniaChallenge:This has arranged to facilitate for all sections of the people to show their support and cooperation towards charity’s fund raising. This will be held on Saturday,21st July2018 concludingwith a get together and prize distribution at Snowdonia along with three peaks challengers.

A sub-committee was formed by charity for this purpose by Vice-Chairman Mr. Jagadees Nair as General Convener & Treasurer Mr. Simon Jacob as Convener. The recently constituted advisory committee members also have been included in this sub committee for the successful implementation of the project. The organizers can assist if anyone wants accommodation/food to stay at Snowdoniaafter the event asfamilyouting/gettogether.

Please contact at [email protected] or Jagadees Nair (General Convener)- 07960263495, Simon Jacob(Convener)-07450966913 forfurther details. Application forms can be  downloaded  from this site (click onto ‘BmcfSnowdonia charity event 2018 application form’ on the top right) if you wish to take part in the event. The filled in/signed in form can be sent to [email protected]. For news in malayalam please visit www.britishmalayali.co.uk.