The newly elected team of the trustees were in jubilant mood last night as an overwhelming support received from the community for this year’s Onam appeal. Chairman Mr. Tomichen Kozhuvanal, Secretary Mr. Cimy George and Treasurer Mrs. Shinu Claire Mathews were closely monitoring the appeal on daily basis and Chairman thanked all those who supported. A total of £ 11087.75 were able to collect by the charity both through bank a/c and virginmoneygiving.  Out of this, a commission of 3.5%  i.e. £ 253.75 were deducted towards virginmoney’s commission and the remaining amount of  £ 10834.00 made available for distribution to eight beneficiaries, whose stories were featured in ‘British Malayali’ newspaper.

The major chunk of the total amount i.e.£ 3000.00 will go to Mr. Biju Varghese from Mukkuttuthara in Pathanamthitta dist., who is a paraplegic, has been paralysed from the waist due to a motorbike  accident back in 1997. Despite of his disability, he invented specially-converted car in 2004 which can be driven by paraplegics just with the assistance of their hands.  He was honoured by many prominent personalities such as Presidents of India, Governor of Kerala, politicians and the wider public for his achievement.  But as an insult to injury, Biju’s life met with another dilemma when his wife Juby diagnosed   with brain tumour. Also, the very authorities, who should have supported him to overcome his crisis turned a blind eye towards him.

Arjun Murali, a +2 student from Ernakulam, Kerala will be getting an amount of £ 1200.00, who is a victim of public neglect and irresponsibility. He did not get the medical assistance in time after he met with a road accident which left him   bleeding on the busy road for hours neglected by the passers-by. The brain injury sustained at the accident and delay in reaching him in the nearest hospital made him bedridden for the need of a major surgery now.

The story of 5 year old little Sonimon from Kongandur, Kottayam dist. also featured in the ‘Onam appeal 2016’ due to his ill health and an amount of £ 1200.00 goes to him as well. His family is full of hopes to recover his eyesight after the surgery which needs a substantial amount of money.

43 year old housewife Pushpa from Kuravilangaladu in Kottayam district will also benefit from this appeal to the tune of £ 1200.00 .  The ill fate hunted Pushpa in the form of   stroke during her labour which made her paralysed for the rest of her life. Her husband is struggling to meet both ends in order to arrange funds for the treatment of his wife and also to look after the daily needs of the household including   their childrens’ educational costs.

Mr. James’s ( Muttuchira, Kottayam dist.) story also not different from others as his transplanted kidneys from his wife became dysfunctional.  He was already in financial difficulties due to the above expensive surgery but things went from bad to   worse when his health condition deteriorated further. The trustees unanimously decided to offer him a share of £ 1200.00 from the appeal.

The amount of £1000.00 to the family of Mr. Mani (63) from Kothanalloor in Kottayam dist. who is  paralysed on his right side with regular medication, will be a huge help. Another tragedy struck to the poor family recently as  his young son-in-law killed in a road accident which jeopardised his daughter’s life along with her two small children.

Mrs. Rama Sadanandan is a kidney patient who required a course of three dialysis every week. The trustees decided to give her family also an amount of £ 1000.00 which will be a support to them, especially to meet the educational expense of their   18 year old daughter, who is a nursing student in Kerala.

Mr. Anilan was living his normal life with his wife and two young children when the symptoms of liver cirrhosis started to develop, which made the poor family’s life miserable. As he could not go for his work, which earn his daily wages due to the ailing condition, the doctors advised him the only solution of liver transplantation which needs Rs. 20 lacs.  43 year Anilan from Karuvappady Thekkekkara area in Trissur dist. will be benefitting an amount of £ 1000.00 from this appeal.

The individual stories  of all above cases can be read/viewed  in ‘British Malayali’ news portal by visiting Please click ‘varthakal’ button and then ‘charity’ to read further…