Untitled-1The appeal has raised over £ 4000.00 since  last week and already supported with an amount of over £ 1000.00.  While an amount of £ 3,698.50  received in the virginmoneygiving link with gift aid, an amount of £ 580.00 came directly into the bank a/c totalling to £ 4,278.50 so far raised by the appeal. When two families at Eastham with little children were given a total of £ 350.0, a homeless young person from the same place given another £ 250.00 and he managed to find out a shelter with the fund received.

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The Covid outbreak also  took the toll onto the students as well, who are on visas with restricted hours of work. Their means of resources  are drastically reduced and stopped due to the closure of restaurants, hotels and other workplaces due to the lockdown. Four students from Manchester approached the foundation in distress looking for help and were supported with £ 60.00 each towards their training fee so that they could get into the work and receive some sort of income.

Also, three other students from Warrington also supported with a total amount of £ 350.00 as an immediate support to meet their essential needs of buying groceries and foods.  A total amount of £ 1090.00 has given so far to the needy people in the community. The foundation expect to receive more calls on the helpline in the days to come as the lockdown measures are in place in most part of the Britain including Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.The helpline numbers are 02086387457/ 03300010641 and email: [email protected]

Your donations will be much appreciated which will be used to facilitate them by buying the essential goods by giving them a small amount of money. Please ensure to give consent to reclaim if you are eligible as every £ 1.00 you donate will get enhanced to another £ 0.25 by reclaiming gift aid.
Following is the virginmoneygiving link if you wish to support:

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