Paravoorfund1Emotional scenes erupted when the collected fund of £ 2586.00 were handed over to the orphaned victims of Paravur fireworks tragedy which occurred at Puttingal Temple at Kollam, Kerala on 9th April 2016 killing over 100 people. Krishna & Kishor wept over the memory of their lost parents during the tragedy while receiving the fund during a function organised at SBT, South Paravur Branch on Friday 6th April. Mr. K.P Kurup, Paravur Municipal Chairman handed over two cheques of each valued at £ 1293.00 to 10th std. student Krishna and to Kishor, her brother and 8th std. student. The grand parents of the children were also present at the bank and the charity had already made an arrangement with the bank manager Mr. Sunil Raj for a Fixed Term Deposit of the above amount with the maturity period up until they reach the age of 18, as per the wish of the grandparents. However, the interest recurred may be used to meet the day to day expenses of the sibling. Mr. Kurup, the bank staff and the children including their guardians thanked BMCF for their quick and early disbursement of the promised funds as most of the declared assistance/support have not reached them so far right from the assurance of state govt. to prominent Malayali entrepreneurs such as Mr. Yusuf Ali & Ravi Pillai. Along with UK malayalees, Edinburgh Malalayali Associationin Scotland also contributed an amount of £ 312.50 towards this appeal. The trustees appreciated the efforts taken by Vice Chairman of the charity Mr. K.D Shajimon to arrange the event through his friend Mr. Sudhakaran, who owns an optical showroom in Paravur.

paravoorfund2While a special function was organised at Gandhibhavan, Pathanapuram to give the ‘Easter/Vishu appeal’ fund of £ 11000.00 to seven families mostly for the treatment of little children. The ambience and atmosphere was arranged at Gandhibhavan on Saturday 8th April to mark the great memories of late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam as all of the guests/invitees were closely associated with him. The event also marked the first anniversary of the visit of Dr. APJ at Gandhibhavan. The renowned scientist Dr. Nami Narayanan was amongst the guests who shared his sorrows and painful experience for shaming him by the medias in the public when the false allegation levelled against him during infamous ISRO case. Mr. Shajan Scaria, the Managing Director of Marunadan Malyali & British Malayali apologised to him during his speech under the context of false accusations by the medias in Kerala to an innocent scientist during the above period. Mr. Anandkumar, the founder & director of Saigram, Mr. Sheikh Salim, the grandson of Dr. APJ’s elder brother, Gandhibhavan’s Secretary Dr. Punalur Somarajan, Cine actor Mr. T.P Madhavan and Mr. S. Parameshwaran Nair, the owner of Guruvayurappan Hotel, where Dr. APJ used to visit were also present during the function.

Following are the seven people/families, who are the beneficiaries of the Easter/Vishu Appeal:

  1. Muhammed Siyan: The parents of a 6 year old LKG student from Thruvananthapuram-Kovalam struggles to find out financial resources for the treatment of his both kidneys.
  2. Josna Jose: Josna is only 4 years old little girl from Chennadu, Kottayam Dist., who suffer from cancer in her small age.
  3. Christy: The tragic story of a family from Vellikkulangara in Thrichur Dist. Is not different from others as their one and only child of 3 years old Christy is admitted into hospital at Kochi due to the liver disease.
  4. Jyothi Vasu from Vallikkunnam, Malappuram dist.: He is a diabetic patient with kidney disease and his situation worsened due to a recent fall from the building site because of a black out as a result of his diabetic condition.
  5. Rejani : A 49 year old widow from Ranni, Pathanamthitta Dist. Is a patient multiple diseases such as kidney disease, heart problems and a recent abnormal growth in the abdomen, which needs to be removed urgently.
  6. Midhun S. Nair: He is an 8 year old boy from Ayarkkunnam in Kottayam dist. & is suffering from a disease in his heart valves.
  7. Liju Antony : 38 year old Liju from Edakkunnam, Ernakulam dist. is a kidney patient and the only remedy for his condition is kidney transplantation.