Paravur-fireworksThe charity collected another thousand pound in ‘one day appeal’ to overcome the ‘lukewarm response’ at the initial stage of  recently closed same appeal which went on snail’s pace by collecting only around £ 1600.00.  Now, the total figure have reached to £ 2586.00 which will be given to Xth std. student  Krishna & her brother Kishore, IIIX  std. student  who escaped

By a whisker from the accident which claimed the lives of their father Bensi (44) and mother Baby Girija (41).  The couple were selling tea on the festival ground when the fireworks went out of control.  The parents were doing the business in the wee hours of Sunday to cope up with the struggling pressure of financial debts due to the housing loan to complete the construction of their unfinished house and children’s education expenses.

The tragic stories of the siblings went viral amongst the people and the trustees swung into action by taking up their case to the U.K malayees appealing them to help the children via ‘British Malyali’ newspaper. The funds will be given to the children next week itself, informed by Mr. K.D Shajimon, Vice-Chairman of the charity, mostly in the form of Fixed Term Deposit  so that they will be able to utilise the same for their onward studies once they attain the age of 18. While 48 people sent £ 2035.00  through virginmoneygiving including gift aid, another £ 610.00 received directly into the  bank a/c by 20 donors. As always £ 58.14 were deducted as commission of virginmoney and the rest of the collected fund of £ 2586.00  will be handed over to the beneficiaries.