The charity has come out with an appeal, after a short interval for helping out the poor families back in Kerala, who are struggling to cope with the treatment for their dear ones’ life threatening diseases/medical conditions. The ‘Summer Appeal 2016’ which begun from 27th July,  has been receiving warm response from the wider Malayali community in U.K by  their generous support.

The story of Mr. Vinod and his wife Mrs. Divya from Koothattukulam, Ernakulam Dist. is very much associated with the life of Malayali community in U.K as they used to live here before leaving to India due to Vinod’s ill health.  Mr. Vinod came to U.K in 2010 on student visa for NVQ as everyone dreaming of building up a better life  but his dream was destroyed by the diagnosis of his kidney diseases after some time. The 32 year Vinod is currently under the treatment at Kottyama Medical College and his wife’s kidney has matched for the transplantation purpose.  However, since the family is not being able to  generate sufficient fund for the same, they have now approached the charity through his friends in U.K.

Riyasmon, a young boy of 14 years from Kuvappady, Kanjirappally in Kottayam district is suffering from a rare condition of ‘growth hormone deficiency’,  which needs  daily injection at the cost of Rs. 1100.00/injection.  The family lives in a house built with the assistance of local government body in a plot of 4 cents of land and his father Mr. Kasim is the sole earner in the family, who work as a labourer for daily wages.  The family consists of Riyasmon’s mother and his two elder sisters .  The doctors diagnosed the deficiency of hormone in his brain and a continuous treatment required for another 5 years with the above said hormone injection which would cost an approximate amount of Rs. 18 lakhs altogether. He is a student at nearby St. Thomas High School and apparently doing well in his studies but his medical condition stands as an obstacle to reach out his and his two sisters future ambitions.  He has been receiving the treatment from the Children hospital and the Medical College at Kottayam.

Another  story of a 49 year Baby from Avalakkunnu in Alappuzha district is also  running in the appeal seeking help from the community members. Baby has kidney disease and he requires an immediate transplantation.  His wife Sathi is willing to donate her kidney to her husband but they need  an amount of Rs. 6 lakhs for this purpose which is a huge amount for this family, who are already facing shortage of funds due to the weekly medical expenses of Rs. 4000.00.  Out of their two children, the young son is doing his post school studies and there is no steady flow of income for this poor family as they largely depend upon the daily wages of their households.  He needs dialysis twice in a week, which facilitates from the nearby Sahrudaya hospital at Thathampally, Alappuzha


The poor parents of Mr. Thomas and Mrs Mini from Kongandur, Ayarkkunnam in Kottayam district is living daily for their only child,  9 years old little  Anna Mariya Thomas who is , unfortunately suffering from the medical condition of Cerebral Palsy, which caused the disability for the little child unable to walk and talk

right from the birth. Anna needs regular physiotherapy up until she reaches the age of 14 but Mrs. Mini & Thomas find it difficult to arrange the necessary funds due to their weak financial situation. Mr. Thomas is unable to go for any kind of job since he is not well whereas Mrs. Mini is going for a small job just to meet their daily expenses. However, Anna is attending her local Primary School thanks to her mum, who carry her all the way from their house to school and back and also the  teachers  as they help Anna for her personal needs at school.

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If you would like to donate the above persons/families, you may please do so by clicking the ‘donate’ button on the homepage and your donation through virginmoney will get enhanced to another £ 0.25 for every £ 1.00 you donate if you are a U.K taxpayer.  You can also pay directly into charity’s bank a/c as per the details given on the bottom left hand side of the homepage.