nepal3The fund  of  £ 11500.00(around Nepal Rs. 19 lakhs) has been utilised to buy roofing sheets for125  houses and a partially damaged police school in Godhapuri village of Lalitpur district and Samrigav village in Newakot district; informed Sr. Deepa, whose congregation our  fund received.


The sisters visited the villages individually to take stock of the situation and assessed the damage caused to the houses due to the earthquake prior to the distribution of sheets with the help of local police. They arranged to bring all the required quantity to their congregation’s yard first from the suppliers  and then brought the same to the respective destinations,  Sr. Deepa said this  was helped them to distribute the sheets without erupting any violence amongst public . Apart from Fr. Sani, Sr. Deepa and Sr. Rose also co-ordinated our efforts in reaching our collected funds to the deserved  people in Nepal and the trustees of BMCF expressed their  gratitude to them for their noble work .