paravoor-tragedy-1The trustees have decided to go for an emergency appeal to raise money for the victims of fireworks tragedy, which killed over 100 people during Paravur Puttingal Devi Temple festival in the early hours of Sunday 9th April in Kollam district Kerala. The disaster struck the crowded precincts of the Temple at 3.30 when an entire dump of fire crackers meant to be burst to mark the conclusion of the Meena-Bharani annual festival exploded, killing many people instantly, maiming many more and causing extensive damage to nearby buildings. The news of this unfortunate incident shocked the world in general and malayalees across the globe in particular as  more than 350 people were injured, most of them are being treat in Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram hospitals.  At least 25 are in serious condition as the tales of horror continues to pour in as the death toll rises.

paravoor-tragedy-2As the worst ever fireworks tragedy to strike the state of Kerala, the trustees felt the importance to react quickly and offer every possible help to the victims as a responsible peoples’ charity in U.K. Even though a decision was not taken about how to distribute the fund, the same will be done after weighing all the pros and cons of the situation and also after obtaining all necessary information about prospective beneficiaries. However, the appeal named ‘Paravur Tragedy Appeal’ solicits the co- operation and support of all concerned and request for generous help through either  viriginmoneygiving or directly into the bank a/c provided onto left bottom corner of the site’s front page