Sangeetha George from Worthing, West Sussex in England succumbed to the killing disease of cancer in her young age and passed away on 1st February leaving her husband and only young son. She came to the UK in 2011 as an aspirant migrant like every one of us dreaming a good future by settling here. They hail from Angamaly in Ernakulam district of Kerala. Sangeetha was a student and did her MBA from the Gloucestershire university in England. However, her dreams were shattered by the diagnosis of breast cancer in 2013 and were critical subsequently but was comforted with the joining of her husband and son from India. Sangeetha was working as a Health Care Assistant and her husband was also supporting the family. While fighting to the disease on the one side, they were struggling the other side to stay and settle in the UK due to the stringent formalities and procedures associated with their visa. A good amount of money had to spend to get the humanitarian visa in 2019, which made their overall financial situation from bad to worse. The outbreak of the Covid pandemic was a big blow to this family as they had to undergo quarantine for a continuous five months to protect Sangeetha due to her medical condition. Even though she resumed her job on a part-time basis in NHS as a Health Care Assistant, she fell ill again and subsequently diagnosed that the disease spread to the other organs as well. She was in palliative care since then and was discharged from the ward due to the pressure of Covid patients in the hospital and was being looked after in their house with the support of oxygen and all. Their financial situation was so much bad that their only son couldn’t afford to go to university. The visa status and the future settlement of the family in the UK is also in dilemma due to the untimely and sudden death of Sangeetha.

The British Malayali Charity Foundation has issued this appeal in response to the application received from Sangeetha’s family and we request you to please support this family whatever way you can by donating into the link. Please do not forget to give consent to reclaim the gift aid if you are eligible as every £ 1.00 you donated will get enhanced to another £0.25 by reclaiming the gift aid from HMRC. Normally, your salary/wages are eligible to claim the gift aid.

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