The story of Mrs. Bijimol from Seethathodu, Pathanamthitta who fight with lung cancer gained the attention of many readers/supporters and the total amount received crossed over £ 10,000.00 with  the decision of trustees to give major share to an ex-U.K Malayalee i.e Mr. Vinod, who is struggling with kidney diseases.   The Summer Appeal 2016 run the life story of 5 families, who  all had no alternative but to approach the charity seeking assistance in treating their family members ongoing medical conditions, including young children.

While  158 people contributed  £ 7905.00  towards appeal through virginmoneygiving including gift aid, without virginmoney commission,   an amount of £ 2501.00 by    71 donors were given directly to bank a/c. and the Chairman Mr. Tomichen thanked everyone on behalf of the charity.

Mrs. Bijimol’s irony began four years ago when she had a diagnosis of cervical cancer and the family with poor financial background could not cope with the expenses for the medical treatment as her husband was a labourer with daily wages .  The family was already worried about the future and educational expenses of their two young girls with elder one is studying for degree course whereas the other girl is in 9th standard.  While she was recovering from her cervical cancer, things went from bad to worse with the appearance of lung cancer recently.  Their application also included in the appeal by the trustees looking at the relevance  and necessity of the case as Bijimol’s household were thinking of selling off their one and only little abode of their house with 40 cent plot leaving the family with young children to live nowhere.

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