Valsamma AppealBMCF trustee Shaji Thomas Karinattu visited  and handed over the collected fund of over £ 13300.00 to the family of late Mrs. Valsamma (64), who died unexpectedly on 14th May 2018 at Conquest hospital, Hastings,England, U.K while her visit to the family. An amount of £ 12381.25 including gift  received through virgin money giving and £ 1270.00 directly into bank a/c. £ 349.00 deducted as virgin money giving’s commission from the principal amount of £ 9960.00. An amount of £ 7.75 added from general fund to make it as round figure of £ 13310.00. The Malayali community from Hastings, Bexil on Sea and Berdfordshire particularly donated to the appeal generously. The family have already flown to India and the mortal remains will be flown on Friday in order to arrange the funeral on 26th May at their local parish at St. Mary’s Church, Manathoor, Pizhaku, Ramapuram. The family thanked BMCF and ‘British Malyali’ for the support extended to them during their difficult times. They hail from Manathur, Pizkaku in Kottayam district of Kerala.

Late Valsamma’s two sons i.e. George Xavier from Hastings and JacobXavier fromShefford  hadapproached the Charity for financial assistance.The trust had approved the application and decided to go for ‘Valsamma Appeal’ in the wake of family’s request to support them to meet expenses..

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